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2013 Experience Report

Back home after The Experience in Orlando this past weekend. A great line-up of choreographers taught a ton of dances and there will be many reports. I’ve listed a few we really enjoyed.

Craig B. - Just Be (waltz), and When I Was Yours (NC) and Treasure (cha)
Ria – Give it a Go (easy Cha), Hurt Me Carefully (NC), Question of Doubt
Simon – Have a Little Faith, (NC), City Boy Waltz, Rhythm of the Night (WC)
Joey – Reckless (WC), Leave you Alone (waltz)
Shaz – It’s Like Love (Smooth) – Missed the class, but saw it as we were saying goodbyes. Got to do this one!
So many dances taught. Thanks to ALL of you, for coming so far to entertain us!

It was great to see Big Dave and Pauline, Dan, Debbie with hubby to be and gorgeous little daughter, our own Guyton and a short visit from Rachael, in her leg cast. We visited with dancers from everywhere, and really enjoyed seeing all of you.

An obvious weekend highlight for our table of Dunnellon and Ocala dancers, was winning OVERALL for our decorating idea! This was a real shock for us, especially considering how this thing started. It was the combined effort of 10 women over three Tuesdays at Amanda’s house, with food, drinks, brainstorming and a lot of laughter! We each picked one of the weekend’s choreographers and Big Dave, made a stuffed body and face of them, along with a “going to the movies” scene. Barb’s 100 Years of Film portrait provided the movie screen. It was hilarious. Even more fun was seeing those REAL choreographers’ reactions to their pretend bodies – too funny! Pictures will be out later tonight (or possibly already). Thanks gals! It was a memorable project!

Thanks to Sandy and Diane for this unique event. So much planning and hard work goes into these dance events. You did a great job!

Our dance cruise with Darlene as co-hostess, is this Saturday through the following Sunday – 9 days of dance, parties and relaxation too! Got to start packing soon!

I will be at all dance classes this week. During our cruise week, Linda will guest teach for you, with my thanks. Monday at On Top of the World, March 18, is cancelled. See you this week!

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