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We are home from a week long Line Dance Cruise on Carnival’s newest ship, The Breeze, with a most enjoyable group of dancers and watchers! This week has been different than our other line dance cruises because of the unique combination of participants. Some are friends from years of dancing together, some we met for the very first time. The group was exceptional. We had four first time cruisers, celebrated Pat Schlies’ birthday onboard, and created a scene one night at dinner!

We danced in 2 hour instructional blocks, and also provided four themed parties throughout the week. They were well attended and a lot of fun with this happy crowd! My co-hostess, Darlene Miller and I taught all levels of dance during the week. Your participation, smiling faces, and interaction with each other made this a truly memorable line dance cruise!

Darlene Miller - Guest instructor aboard this cruise, and loved by all. Her style and presentation is infectious and you always enjoy her classes! I loved partnering with Darlene and appreciate the special friendship we share that enhances my life. Jo-ann Campbell – Her creative talents were displayed in the colorful room rosters, given to everyone, and the adorable jukebox and fortune cookie drawing cards, PLUS those great signs that announced each party type. Thank you for your contribution to this event and also for teaching the Buffalo Boogie! Neil Campbell – Master Kazoo Player and group leader! This event boasts the first ever Kazoo Flash Mob (in an organized fashion) – at dinner time, in the Blush Dining Room, the whole gang! What a hoot!! Row Your Boat, progressive! We did GREAT!

Jeff Miller – thank you for your technology help, for taking videos and organizing us for the best pictures! I hope to have the Kazoo video and some pictures on our website soon.

Mimosas, Dunkin’ coffee and donut holes, games and prizes. The party started on the bus. Bubbles, beads and #8233 door decorations provided by Bev and Janice! The parties, with all the doodads and giveaways! Our music was coordinated with the theme, along with several spontaneous teaches by both of us. It was just fun, spending precious time with special people.

Along with a week’s worth of Beginner/Improver dances by both of us, Darlene also taught Shame and Scandal in the Family (Rep Ghazali) and Olivia (Neville & Julie). I taught Gleefully There (Rachael) and Give it a Go (Ria Vos).

To those who met us in Miami, our personal thanks for traveling so far to party with us. Ray and I appreciate you joining our cruise. For those on the bus, you were great travel companions! Memories of this week at sea will bring smiles for a long while. I look forward to dancing with you somewhere in the future.

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